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soniama's Journal

13 January
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Every day I look for perfection, be happy and strong.

Beginning on cultivating in your heart, love, faith and luck.

I'm sure God's light guide my steps, my words my thoughts and attitudes.

I am happy because my thoughts are positive, in favor of family unity, prosperity and that of my work is always hearty bread on my table.

I'm always vibrating positively, to be healthy, and that love is abundant in my life.

I think positively, prosperity and to ward off negative energies that may people less evolved.

Vibro positively in favor of nature, animals and my brothers unemployed, sick, abandoned, sad, anxious, so they are strong, have faith and do not depart from God.

I firmly believe in the power of my positive thinking, because God is alive and present within me.

Today I am much better than it was yesterday, and tomorrow I'll be much better than I am today.

Negative forces will not bring me down, God is within me and keeps me: firm, strong and happy.

And all that vibrate positively, be done.
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